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15% of your financial success is due to technical ability. 85% of your financial success is due to people skills. 
(Research from Carnegie Institute of Technology)

Professional & Personal Development with Bo Hanson

  • Focus on the most relevant performance factors for you – no ‘out of the box’ solutions
  • Team training and executive coaching sessions focus on ‘how to’ – no ‘talk fests’
  • Work with someone who knows what they are talking about, has done it many times before and has an exceptional track-record• No risk – rely on our 100% money-back guarantee – not happy, no charge

Rely on the Leading Performance Tool

Team8 DISC Behavioural Profile – To be the best in any arena, you need to be equipped with the best resources and leading performance tools. DISC Profiling is the key to developing your self-awareness, emotional intelligence and understanding of how to consistently achieve your best results.

Each assessment includes a 12 minute survey and results in a personalised 44-page DISC Profile Report (with summaries for easy use). It details the individual’s personal style, strengths, limiting behaviours, communication preferences and the environment they perform best in.

An Expert in Getting the People Side Right

Bo Hanson has been working within sport, education and the business sector for over 20 years, delivering leadership, management, team culture and coach development. In addition to his own athletic career, comprising of four Olympics and including three Olympic medals, his ability to improve coaching strategies and performance has resulted in over 17 National Championships in Division I College Teams in the USA, Olympic medals and Pro team Premierships in the last five years alone. In the corporate sector, Bo has worked with some of the big names in business such as American Express, Macquarie Bank and Vanguard Financial Services. He puts everything into practice with his own staff at Athlete Assessments and Team8.

“What happens if we invest in developing our people, and then they leave us?”
A better question is... “What happens if we don’t invest in developing our people, and they stay?”

Get Ahead on the Performance Factors that Really Count

Benefit from these special offers exclusive to the Hunt Fitness event


Ideal for your management team, sales team or your staff group committed to being their best. This package includes:

  • Planning session to tailor the content of your program specifically to your needs
  • Two lunch-time team training sessions with Bo Hanson (90 mins each)
  • Two executive 1-1 coaching sessions for the CEO or team leader with Bo Hanson (1 hour each)
  • Up to 10 Team8 DISC Behavioural Profiles for your team to each receive their personalised Report

Special Team Tough Price of $1,995*



Feel like you just need a performance boost or different perspective to pump up your results? This is ideal for you. This package includes:

  • Your own Team8 DISC Behavioural Profile
  • An executive 1-1 coaching session with Bo Hanson (1 hour)
  • Personal check-in to ensure you’re getting the results

Power punch your personal success for only $395*


Get a GRIP

Benefit from a series of one on one sessions to strengthen your personal skills and motivation in the areas most valuable to you. Get momentum and achieve consistent performance with:

  • Your own Team8 DISC Behavioural Profile
  • Three executive 1-1 coaching sessions with Bo Hanson (1 hour each)
  • Personal check-ins to ensure you’re getting the results

Get this special offer for only $995*

*Pricing in AUD and inclusive of GST.

All one on one sessions will take place in Athlete Assessments’ office in Manly, Brisbane.
(Office 2/75 Cambridge Parade, Manly QLD 4179)

Team training sessions will take place at your work or desired location.
(Must be within a 20km radius from Athlete Assessments’ office)

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